Heatable Control Screening Machine for Screening of Chocolate Mass 25.08.2020

Kontrollsiebmaschine KTS-VS2

During the production or treatment of chocolate, the use of a control screening machine is one of the key elements of the process. During this step, it is guaranteed that no foreign particles or impurities will remain in chocolate mass. It is essential for the entire process that the chocolate does not cool down and remains liquid during screening. A constant temperature of approx. 40°C must be granted during production to ensure the gloss and high quality of the end product. For this application the GKM control screening machine type KTS-VS2 has been further developed. For a permanent water circulation with a temperature of 35 – 65°C this screening machine is equipped with a double-walled cone in order to maintain a continuous screening of the viscous chocolate mass. Certainly the machine can be equipped with other important features and characteristics especially designed for the requirements of the industry such as: Complete stainless steel design, all kind of food-grade surfaces, etc. This control screening machine can be easily integrated into the production process.

The use of GKM screening machines in the sugar industry 31.07.2020

GKM Tumbler Screening machine for screening of special sugars

Tumbler screening machine for exact classification and Vibration control Screener for absolute product safety

To produce very precise grain sizes within tight tolerances and special sugar types, the GKM tumbler screening machine is increasingly finding its way into sugar factories for a wide range of applications (fineness, throughput capacities, etc.). Depending on the requirements, the tumbler screening machines are equipped with up to six screen decks.During screening, the sugar is fed through the central inlet nozzle. Using the three-dimensional motion of the machine, the sugar is distributed evenly and spirally from the inside to the outside of the screen surface. Typical separation cuts for fractionations are between 2.0mm and 0.20mm. The throughput rates here vary from 10t/h to 50 t/h depending on the required grain size.

In order to ensure the quality of the end product, e.g. when loading lorries or emptying silos, and to be able to comply with the highest food standards, the oversize particles or sugar nodes and impurities must be separated from the sugar. The GKM vibration control screening machine type KTS-VS2 is perfectly suited for this control screening. Up to now, a separation cut of 4-5mm was typical for control screening and an hourly output of up to 150t. Due to the increased product safety, the cut-off has now been reduced to 2-3mm, at which an hourly output of about 60t can be achieved. Due to its central inlet and outlet and its very compact design in relation to the output, the machine can be integrated very well into almost any plant. Typical locations are above/below a silo, in front of a packaging plant or a truck loading.