Laboratory Air-Jet Lab-Sieves

Laboratory Air-jet Lab sieve KLS


Labor Luftstrahlsieb KLS 200

The unit is connected to a standard vacuum cleaner in which the screened materials are subsequently retained. A small quantity of the product to be analyzed is applied to the screen and weighed exactly. The screen is then sealed airtight with an acrylic glass cover.

The screening process begins once the relatively short screening time of 3-5 minutes has been set and the start button has been pressed.

The rotating air-jet nozzle mixes up the product and blows the mesh fabric clean from the underside at the same time. The negative pressure produced by the vacuum cleaner draws the fine particles though the mesh holes down into the filter bag of the vacuum cleaner. The integrated 3-way valve always allows for a quick and precise adjustment of the negative pressure. The unit stops automatically after the pre-set time has been reached. The weight of the product residue on the screen is then measured.

Most important advantages

  • Extremely high and reproducible screening efficiency
  • Short screening times
  • Suitable for all standard 200 mm laboratory screens
  • Favorable price and short delivery times

Data sheet

Areas of application: For dry, powdered and granular products; especially suitable for very fine, lightweight and statically charged products that are difficult to screen where conventional vibration or shaker sieves have reached their limits.
Particle feed sizes: 1 micron up to 3 mm
Feed rates: 1-100 grams
Bulk densities: 20 - 10000 grams./Litre
Mesh openings: 20 microns to 20 mm
No. of decks: 1 per machine
Anti blinding systems: Rotating air-jet nozzles
Screen diameters: 200 mm - for all standard analysis screens
Speed range: air-jet nozzle 15 min-1
Amplitude: none
Acceleration: none
Housing: Plastic
Screen receiver: Aluminium
Timer: 0-99 min. adjustable
Negative pressure: -7 to -70 mbar adjustable

Data sheet KLS Data sheet KLS - 398 kB



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