Reduction of downtime 08.08.2019

Multi Deckhebesystem

- Due to new pneumatic Multi-Deck Lifting System -

The current version of the pneumatic deck lifting system installed in tumbler screening machines, allows screen inserts to be changed one at a time. When used with multi-deck screening machines each deck has to be raised and changed separately. This is time and labour intensive, depending on the number of screen inserts to be changed. In order minimise downtime, GKM Siebtechnik has developed a new pneumatic multi-deck lifting system allowing multiple deck lifting and exchange in a single operation. By means of the pneumatic cylinders, all screening decks can be lifted simultaneously. All screen inserts can be inspected, cleaned or changed at once. This new lifting system allows between two and four decks to be the exchanged and inspected after which the complete screening decks are lowered precisely back to their correct location. This innovative pneumatic multi-deck lifting system can be installed or retrofitted on tumbler or vibrating screening machines with diameters of between 600 (one to three deck units) to 1200mm (from one to four deck units). When together used with the quick-clamp system, time-consuming loosening and tightening of the nuts on the ten to twelve clamping screws, is eliminated as is the use of tools.
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