Ultra-Vario-Sonic Cleaning System in combination with ball cleaning system 01.03.2018

Ultraschallreinigung in Kombination mit US-Reinigung

Ensures an efficient and exact screening

When using screening machines in a production process, efficient and exact screening is very important for the downstream processing steps. To achieve this, the mesh cloth used in the machine must not clog with the material to be screened. The blocking and clogging of the meshes is a common problem that occurs especially with difficult to screen and fine powders. This can lead to outages and production loss.

To prevent this and to keep the mesh cloth clear, GKM Siebtechnik offers different cleaning systems depending on the characteristics of the product.

A mechanical and economical process is the ball cleaning system. This involves the use of balls under the screen which knock against the mesh cloth and thereby displace particles that adhere.
Another option for the cleaning of the mesh cloth is the use of an Ultra-Vario-Sonic System. This system delivers a much more efficient sieving action especially with very fine mesh sizes. The throughput rate increases significantly on an equivalent surface area. In addition, blinding and sticking of difficult to screen products is prevented. For this purpose, GKM Siebtechnik uses a frequency variation method that distributes the ultrasonic waves over the entire sieve surface and reduces the frictional resistance between the product and the mesh cloth. This system is especially suitable for hygienic/sanitary sieving requirements in the Food and Pharma Industries.

In order to achieve the most efficient screening, a significantly higher product throughput and an increased screen quality through permanent cleaning of the screen mesh, GKM Siebtechnik successfully implements a combination of the two cleaning systems. This type of cleaning is used predominantly in Tumbler screening machines which are ideal for high throughputs, fractionation and dedusting of dry, powdered and granular products.

All GKM screen cleaning systems including combinations, can be retrofitted to Vibrating and Tumbler Screening Machines regardless of the manufacturer.” Contact”:mailto:info@gkm-net.de us for further details!

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Messe Powtech 2017

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  • Ceramitec, Munich, Germany (10. – 13.04.2018) – Halle B3 Stand 244
  • Mining World Russia, Moscow, Russia (17. – 19.04.2018) – Pavillon Nr. 3, Saal Nr. 13
  • Making Pharmaceutical Trade Fair, Ricoh arena Coventry England (24.04 – 25.04.2018) – Stand 115
  • Powtech India, Mumbai, Indien (11. – 13.10.2018)
  • Solids, Antwerpen, Belgien (17. – 18.10.2018)
  • Solids, Dortmund, Germany (07. – 08.11.2018) – Stand B11-4

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