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A used tumbler screening machine can often be an economical alternative. Currently we have the following used machines in stock:

• Tumbler Screening Machine TSM 2000 (year of construction 1984) • 2 pcs. GKM Tumbler Screening Machine KTS 2000 (year of construction 2016) GKM Tumbler Screening Machine KTS 2600 (year of construction 2015) • 2 pcs. tumbler screening machine TSM 2600 (year of construction 1990)

All machines are technically checked by our experienced service staff, completely overhauled and specially adapted to your requirements! You determine the number of screen decks and can choose from many options. Of course we we grant for every machine a guarantee and are happy to supply you with all common spare parts for these machines! If we caught your interest make your easy and swift reservation for your used screening machine.

We are looking forward to your non-binding inquiry!

GKM goes digital and offers virtual factory acceptance tests 15.10.2020

GKM goes Digital

n the Corona crisis, GKM is breaking new ground and offering customers the opportunity to participate in virtual factory acceptance tests online

I Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the travel restrictions that apply as a result, GKM Siebtechnik organizes its daily business in virtual space. Since customers are currently not allowed to travel to the factory acceptance tests of their new screening machines in person, GKM Siebtechnik conducts the Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) virtually instead. Nothing has changed in the course of the FAT, except that the customer is not physically present. In accordance with the FAT protocol, all production and safety-relevant tests are carried out together with the customer at the machine and are transmitted live via webcam. Also appointments / arrangements with customers are carried out digitally in order to remain in contact with the customers despite the difficult situation.