Ultra-sonic product evacuation

Ultra-sonic product evacuation and dry cleaning of metal surfaces

Siloreinigung mit Ultraschallwandler

The problem: Especially very fine, good as well as badly flowing bulk materials are sticking to the pipes, silos and container walls! Many customers in all industries are facing this problem when transporting or storing their products.

The conventional solution:
Vibrators, knockers, air canons, air nozzles and airation pads, air membranes and as well as the hammer in the hands of the operator
The advantages:*
- No sticking and adhering of dry bulk materials to the inner metal surfaces
- The ultra-sonic system can be used continuously or pulsing without load and annoying noise
- Finally clean pipes and containers
- Simple installation and retro fitting by welding an angular waveguide to the critical parts.
- Little space requirements by using small sound converters
- No reinforcements of the parts required
- No consecutive damages or cracks
- A single generator can drive up to 4 sound converters
- No sound protection required
- Small power consumption
What is required?*
- An Ultra-sonic generator with frequency sweep technology
- One or more sound converters with angular wave guide
- Optimal sheet metal wall thickness: 2-4 mm

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